Nebraska's oldest gun club.  In continuous operation since 1886!!

Beatrice gun club overview


 Family Memberships                                     35.00 Annually

Premium Membership add                             70.00 Annually

Members shooting fees  Trap and Skeet 4.50/ 25 practice,  League 11.00/50 week.      League payout 88.00

Non-Member                    5.50 round practice       12.00 leagues            League payout 104.00

5 Stand   Member practice 5.50/ 25 targets.   Non-Member 6.50/ 25 targets.

*Members only eligible to purchase practice books.  Components are at discounted prices for members.

Spring trap league, 8 weeks. 50 rounds per week. Shoots on Wednesday nights.  Teams consist of minimum of 5 shooters maximum of 7.   Best 5 scores of the 7 are used each week.   Shooters can shoot 1 week behind or 2 weeks ahead!  Shooters can shoot on Wednesday and Open Sundays for league.

Fall trap league, 8 weeks 50 rounds per week, same as above.

Skeet league, 8 weeks 50 rounds per week and runs between Spring and Fall league.  Teams will have to schedule evening to shoot with board.   Shooters can also shoot on Sundays when club is open.

5 stand league, 8 weeks 50 rounds per week.  Runs through summer same as skeet.  Teams must schedule night to shoot with board.

 Premium Members will have access to trap 1 and skeet range.   Premium members must be current members for one year and take a training class to learn the safe operation of the machines.   Premium members are issued a RFID card to access club with board approval.

 Any questions, feel free to contact Tim Lindstrom at 402-416-1555 or any other board member of the Beatrice Gun Club.