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Lt. Col. Leigh F. Coffin

​July 5, 1914 - November 12, 2012

Nebraska's oldest gun club.  In continuous operation since 1886!!

Relax and Reflect -by Lt. Col. Leigh F. Coffin

You are sitting in your favorite easy chair reflecting on a Sunday afternoon of shooting at the Beatrice Gun Club in the Spring of 1887.  The temperature is 70*, a light breeze is blowing from the South.   You are decked out in a white shirt and a neck tie. (You had gone to church earlier in the day)  You will ride the horse drawn street car to 6th and Jackson Street.   You will carry your shotgun uncased along with cartridges and other items.   You walk a block West to the Beatrice Gun Club where you greet your shooting friends.   Then shoot some live birds (pigeons) some glass balls or maybe those new clay targets.   You won a bundle of money, the sun is setting on the horizon.  You are on the way to catch the horse drawn street car and will be home in a few minutes.  You will give your wife half of your winnings a bear hug and kiss.  You pour a double shot of good old Kentucky bourbon whiskey and settle down in your favorite chair to "Relax and Reflect" on your achievements.